About Us

It has been a long cherished desire and a visionary dream of Mr Ch Madhusudhan Reddy affectionately addressed by his wards and popularly came to be known as CMN sir and Mr Srinivas sir respectively that an ideal and professional platform be provided for JEE and NEET aspirants with a genuine acumen. Thus came into being that seminary of a great repute called PINNAACLE CLASSES. We believe in the concept that love for the work one takes up drives one to involvement, and involvement in turn leads one to commitment, and thus one takes pride and pleasure in all one does. Hence our endeavour toward creating that kind of ambiance where our students the teachers work with love, involvement, commitment and the resultant pleasure. We instill in the minds of our wards a spirit of enjoying the nuances of each and every concept imparted.

Our largely enlightened teachers with a bulk of experience at the back of neck guide the students in realizing their dreams of getting highly commendable ranks in IIT, NITs, NEET, bagging medals in Nationals and International Olympiads, and excelling in scholarship examinations like KYPY. And thus we aim at making a real difference as to how the students shall be trained to face the challenges ahead of them. Our teachers, well-versed in their respective fields and a well-built professional approach, take pride in guiding the young talent in tackling one of the biggest challenges of getting into these premier institutes.