Daily Practice Problems

Daily Practice Problems are popularly known as DPPs. It is a set of Problems assigned to the student as a part of the Home Work and is to be attempted at home.

  • The objective of DPP is to revise all the concepts which have been taught till date.
  • A DPP consists of questions mostly based upon the syllabus studied/learned in the previous lectures. Few problems in each DPP are also included from the topics previously taught for the continuous revision of old topics.
  • The Discussion of problems of DPP is done in the next lecture. It boosts the morale of the student by doing sufficient practice of the theory taught in the classroom by practicing/solving the problems himself based upon that in the succeeding lectures.
  • The problems of DPPs (with the same data or change in numerical data) are revised in the Part Tests to firmly anchor the concepts.
  • DPP gradually helps in developing a habit and practice of revision of the syllabus. The problems of DPPs can be marked/highlighted at the time of attempting so that they can work as an additional Question Bank and help in better revision before the IIT-JEE.The DPP is an important tool of PINNAACLE CLASSES Teaching Methodology. Its importance can be understood by the fact that if a student attempts the DPP regularly with full sincerity and commitment; he/she may have more than 75% chances of getting selected in IIT-JEE/NEET with a good All India Rank (AIR).