RSB: Rankers Special Batch

(Two year program for students joining XI th Standard)

If you think you are bright, if you think you are capable, if you think that you can make it to the top, this course is precisely for you IITs and NITs are the premier institutions of engineering envisioned to develop the best engineers in the India. The authorities of these institutions strive to conduct all India competitive examinations in order to select only the best young minds in the country, who have exceptional aptitude.

RSB is a fast-track program, designed using decades of experience in order to train students in the right way so that students can realize their full potential. Let us suppose that a student takes a week to learn a concept on his/her own. If he/she is taught the same concept, he/she may take four days to learn it.

If a highly experienced teacher teaches It,he/she may get it in two days. If the student is supported with a wholesome learning environment – practice, doubt clearance, periodic tests and a timely feedback, then the student is likely to achieve complete proficiency in the concept in only half a day.

This is all about RSB The IITs keep changing the examination pattern and IIT-JEE is known for surprises. If a student relies completely on rote learning which turns students learn by models rather than learn by concepts, then the student will not be able to cope with the surprises thrown by IIT-JEE. Our endeavor has been to design a program which trains students so that their exam temperament will be immune to surprise pattern changes in IIT-JEE.

Preparing to succeed in IIT-JEE is not an easy task; only the highly determined young mind can afford to think about it. It needs a lot of support from parents and guardians to sail through these rough waters. Burden of the student is greatly reduced if his/her mindset is transformed from “I am forced to learn” to “I enjoy learning”. In PINNAACLE CLASSES teachers consciously try to motivate students to develop an interest in the subjects they are learning. We also use innovative methodology to reduce the burden of preparation to the maximum possible extent.