Spark: Four Years Class Room

Succeeding in IIT-JEE Advanced is a dream for many students in India. Number of seats available in IITs, however are limited to a few thousand.Due to many reasons, a student may not have given his/her best shot in the first attempt for IITJEE Advanced – i.e. immediately after completing.

The XII board examination. Even if they don’t succeed in IIT-JEE Advanced, the students have plethora of options to join in various engineering colleges located in different parts of India. But very few are so determined to achieve success in IIT-JEE Advanced that they feel they have no option but IITs and look to give their best in their second attempt, which is going to be their last and final attempt for IIT-JEE.

These students need a lot of moral support and encouragement during their preparation while training them for conceptual clarity and for the right exam-temperament. PINNAACLE REPEATERS BATCH is the answer for these students. In PRB, students are trained by our best faculty completely focused on IIT-JEE preparation.