Directors Message

Dear IITJEE-NEET aspirant, The very fact that you are reading this means that you are a sincere IIT-JEE aspirant. We appreciate your will and courage in choosing the best and most challenging academic endeavor at your level. It is well known that success in IIT-JEE can lead to a highly rewarding career. When stakes are so high your every decision becomes important particularly if it is the beginning.

“With lots of humility and honor, we as a team have taken up the responsibility of nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students. With its single vision of academic excellence “PINNAACLE CLASSES” is committed with a deep sense of service to deliver the curriculum in the most effective manner to create a synergistic impact on the students.

At PINNAACLE CLASSES we have restructured our subject courses to incorporate the preparation of board exams along with the preparation of advance subject test. We believe that this approach will cut down duplicacy of effort of students and will maximize their efficiency. Our study material incorporate exercise based on board exams type question along with the advance subject questions. Periodic tests are held based on board exam pattern along with the regular JEE (Main & Advanced) When our experience, expertise and efforts come together with sincere and wholehearted efforts by our  students, miracle happens.

With best wishes
Pinnaacle  Classes