Weekly Practice Test

The objective of wpt is continuous assessment of the level of preparedness of student (own/comparative) and compelling him to study, practice and perform according to the requirements of IIT-JEE /NEET

  • The WPTS are conducted EVERY WEEKEND (SATURDAY)
  • The WPTS have following specialties:
    They are of two types: Part Tests (PTs) and Cumulative Tests (CTs)
    A Part Test (PT) is the test of the syllabus taught between two consecutive PTs.
    A Cumulative Test (CT) is the test of entire syllabus covered till that date of test.
    A Part Test (PT) consists of some percentage of seen questions (Questions from DPPs, Sheets & Class Notes etc.) with or without change in numerical values.
  • One of the objectives of PTs is to check whether the student is sincerely doing the home work or not since doing the home work on regular basis helps in strengthening the concepts learned in the classes.
  • A Cumulative Test (CT) consists of unseen and innovative questions according to the level of IIT-JEE and beyond.
  • The objective of CTs is to measure the applied attitude of the student towards unseen problems and preparing them for the surprises of IIT-JEE.
  • The PT and CT both carry variety of questions like Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Short Subjective, Long Subjective, Match the Column, Comprehension, Assertion & Reason, True & False, Fill in the Blanks and Miscellaneous Type.
  • The student is provided with Answer Key & Solutions of the Test Paper after the Test.
  • Each Test Paper is discussed in the succeeding lectures after the test.
  • Approx. 30 Periodic Assessment Tests which included 20 PTs and 10 CTs are conducted during one academic session.
  • All the WPTS are Live in nature and conducted under standard examination environment.
  • The result of a WPT is displayed to all the students with marks/percentage in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics separately and withThe quantity of WPTs is sufficient to remove the examination fear amongst the students.
  • The Performance in wpts reflects student’s chances of becoming successful in IIT-JEE/NEET.